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            Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Maintenance free linear bearin | Deep groove ball motor bearing | Spherical Roller Bearings | Cylindrical roller bearing......
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            Dimension free linear bearing

            Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in high-sulfur alloy steel products. According to the unique characteristics of HS high-sulfur alloy steel, the company has developed a series of series.1 composite roller series, 2 skateboards, liner series, 3 kinds of specifications industrial Research and development and application of new materials such as spherical bearings, bushings, and medium and large bushings. HS alloy features: It is a new material with self-lubricating, high temperature resistance, anti-seizure, anti-wear and load-bearing capacity. All kinds of bearings, bushings, slides, bushings, etc. processed by this material.
            We are looking forward to your calling. Phone:13833905637    Tel:0319-8560377

            Product Description
            ● Self-lubricating maintenance-free plastic linear bearings. Noiseless operation. Suitable for continuous use in extremely harsh dust environment. It is allowed to be cleaned by washing liquid of food and drug packaging machinery.
            ● Maintenance free, long-term dry operation, no noise;
            ● Suitable for dust long-term operation;
            ● Corrosion resistance, suitable for cleaning with disinfectant;
            ● Chute design of stronger shaft protection capability;
            ● The slot width is reduced to enhance the carrying capacity;

            Add:No. 008 Zhujiangdong Road, Linxi County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
            Phone:13833905637   Tel:0319-8560377
            Contact:Mr. Wang   Email:596931418@qq.com

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